step 1: pre-action questionnaire

Is your dog ready for daycare?

Please take our 10-minute self screening tool to see if your dog may be ready for daycare. Some of the things we are looking for:

  1. If your dog is over 6 months old, is he/she desexed? If under 6 months, he/she does not need to be desexed yet.
  2. Are your dog’s C5 vaccinations and parasite control up to date?
  3. Is your dog comfortable being away from you?
  4. Is your dog well mannered at off-leash dog parks?
  5. Does your dog regularly socialize with other dogs and humans?

After you complete the self-screening, go to Step 2!

step 2: contact us to schedule an ABA!

Call us at 03 9676 2000!

After you’ve completed Step 1, call us anytime between 10am to 4:30pm to discuss your pup and schedule an ABA!

All Admission Behavioural Assessments are booked on the phone. This is so we can gather the most accurate information about your dog prior to booking.

At the end of our conversation, you’ll have a better understanding about how our daycare operates, how we can help accomplish your goals, and information on your ABA booking (if applicable).

ABA bookings are typically made at least 1 week in advance as we tend to fill up quickly. Having these processes in place helps make it a fun and safe environment for everyone!

step 3: let's start the adventure!

get ready...

After our phone call, you’ll receive a detailed email and membership form. All diggiddydogs must be:

  • Be desexed and fully healed
  • Have current C5 (Kennel cough) vaccinations
  • Have current parasite control papers

To keep a safe and healthy environment at diggiddy, we offer no exceptions to these rules. Sign into the account we created for you during the phone call and upload!

get set...

  • Fill out our online signup form in advance so we know everything about your dog before we begin the assessment.
  • Be sure to add a favourite photo of your dog too!
  • Ensure any health issues are described in the online form.

We do not provide meals at daycare, but please be sure to let us know of any allergies.


Whoohoo! You’re ready for your Admission Behavioural Assessment!

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before your ABA so you and your dog come in relaxed. Do a small walkie around the blockie.
  • Drop your dog off and we’ll take care of the rest. If all goes well, you can pick your dog up anytime before we close for the day!
  • If any concerns come up during your dog’s first day, we will contact you right away.

admission behavioural assessment rates

Under 6 months old

$62for the day

  • Schedule the ABA a week in advance
  • Puppy pricing: ABA cost is waived

Over 6 months old

$83for the day

  • Schedule the ABA a week in advance
  • Cost of ABA ($21) + Full day daycare ($62)

let's start the adventure!

Our friendly diggiddy crew will be happy to lead you through the process. It’s super easy!

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