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How to schedule an ABA

What you need to upload

Please keep in mind, all diggiddydogs must be:

  • Be desexed and fully healed
  • Have current C5 (Kennel cough) vaccinations
  • Have current parasite control papers

To keep a safe and healthy environment at diggiddy, we offer no exceptions to these rules.

Upload your Documents (3 min)

  • First, complete the ABA self-screening tool above.
  • If your dog meets our daycare expectations, you’ll be invited to create an account.
  • Upload the vaccinations and include a cute photo!
  • Ensure any health issues are described in the online form.
  • Request an ABA timeslot through your account.

We do not provide meals at daycare, but please be sure to let us know of any allergies.

admission behavioural assessment rates

Over 6 months old

$84for the day

  • Schedule the ABA a week in advance
  • Cost of ABA ($21) + Full day daycare ($63)

Under 6 months old

$63for the day

  • Schedule the ABA a week in advance
  • Puppy pricing: ABA cost is waived

All Admission Behavioural Assessments are only valid if we have desex and vaccination certificates, and if a deposit has been made.

Give us a call to arrange payment. You’ll also have a better understanding about how our daycare operates, how we can help accomplish your goals, and information on your ABA booking.

ABA bookings are typically made at least 1 week in advance as we tend to fill up quickly. Having these processes in place helps make it a fun and safe environment for everyone!

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