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The Doggy Daycare Specialists

If you’re a busy pet parent, Diggiddy Doggy Daycare is here to help you.
At doggy daycare your dog can socialise with other four-legged friends, learn new skills and exercise to their heart’s content, all under the expert care of our Diggiddy team.
Our supervised and structured playtime, enrichment games, training and naps keep your dog entertained all day long. You can even book them in for a bath & tidy, so they come home smelling as fresh as a daisy!

Our Services

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Dog Daycare

Keep your buddy happy and healthy (and entertained!) with doggy playdates, exercise, and enrichment games. Our specially trained Diggiddy team will keep them amused all day long.

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Dog Grooming

We also offer grooming services at all our locations, allowing you to book your dog in for a bath, clip, and tidy, ensuring they come home sparkling clean and looking their best.

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Taxi Service

Our South Melbourne location offers a convenient dog taxi service - where you can have your dog picked up from your home and dropped off at our daycare facility, how's that for convenience?

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Benefits of Daycare

A day at doggy daycare can provide a full range of benefits for your puppy or dog, including socialisation, all day supervision, a dedicated nap time, exercise and energy release, and enrichment activities

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