Diggiddy Doggy Daycare FAQs 

Is my dog suitable for daycare?  

  • All dogs over 8 months old must be desexed. After this age, dog owners may provide a certificate from a veterinarian stating reasons for the dog not to be desesexed, which will be up to the centres discrestion whether to accept this dog or not. 
  • All dogs must have a valid C5 vaccination certificate 
  • Your dog will undergo an Admission Behaviour Assessment (ABA) which will determine their suitability for daycare.

What is the Admission Behavioural Assessment? 

We assess each new dog to learn about their general behaviour and activity levels to determine whether your dog will safely and happily join in with the other dogs in the daycare. At the beginning of your dog’s first day at daycare, we take your dog into our daycare area and introduce them to a dog handler to see how they respond. We then slowly introduce your dog to one or two other dogs at a time and see how they interact. If they respond positively, we then place them in a group and monitor them closely. We will provide a report card at the end of the session providing details of how your dog interacted throughout the initial process and if everything is positive, your dog is welcome to visit us whenever suits. 

What is the pen separation process? 

We split play groups by temperament, so playful and energetic dogs are in one group, and quieter and more reserved dogs are in another. We don’t always separate based on breed, because we know all dogs are unique and have different needs. 

What will my dog do during a day at daycare? 

The moment your dog steps into a Diggiddy Doggy Daycare play area for the first time, they become part of our family too. Learn more about our daily schedule, from playtime to a mid-morning nap, and skills training. 

What are the benefits of sending my dog to daycare? 

Dog daycare offers an excellent solution for busy pet parents who want their dog to stay active and social while they’re not at home. Read more about the benefits of our service.

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