Our daycare service provides your dog with a comfortable, fun environment where they can play, socialise, and exercise to their heart’s content! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of dog daycare and what our Diggiddy dogs get up to during the day. 



Regular interaction and play with other dogs is both fun and fulfilling, especially in a controlled environment. Positive social experiences allow your pup to connect with their true canine self and make new friends. It’s also vital in the very early stages of their development to learn how to relate to other dogs around them. Plus, humans sometimes just aren’t as fun as a new pooch pal! 

All Day Supervision 

It might seem like an obvious benefit, but with all-day supervision, your dog’s health and temperament can be managed around the clock. Daycare attendants will be able to spot any health or behavioural issues, and isolate dogs before any serious illness or incidents occur.
If you’re a bit concerned about your dog’s boredom and antics at home, you can feel at ease knowing they’re being looked out for and enriched within a healthy environment. Your dog will be in in the hands of trained carers, allowing you to feel a bit more stress-free and able to focus on other areas of your daily routine. 

Exercise and Energy Release 


All dogs need to release their energy and receive mental enrichment every day, which is exactly what they’ll get at Dog Daycare – and then some. Fitting in daily exercise with your dog can be tricky, which is why Dog Daycare is the perfect supplement. However, this doesn’t mean your pooch doesn’t need some energised one-on-one time with you on a regular basis – so keep it up outside of Dog Daycare hours!  


At Dog Daycare, your dog not only gets to interact with other dogs but also many different toys, surfaces and items. This variety and level of interaction will avoid leaving your dog at home alone, bored, destructive, and even sometimes, anxious. We’ll ensure your dog has entertainment all-day-long. 

Dedicated Nap Time 

Having a dedicated rest routine will allow your dog to get some much-needed relaxation, allowing them to recharge in the best level of comfort and security. Every day, we encourage an hour of rest by slowing down the music and spritzing lavender into the air. Trust us – it works! 


Day in the Life at Diggiddy Doggy Daycare

We’re open every weekday to greet old friends and meet new ones. Our friendly team will welcome your dog into their playgroup for the day. We will also take new dogs through their Animal Behaviour Assessment and answer any of your questions. 

Once all pups are settled, the fun begins. Your dog will be involved in exercises that include ball games, castle climbs and upbeat music, to release those high energy levels. Not all dogs will love every activity, so we’ll carefully monitor play groups to ensure the safety and happiness of all dogs. 

Welcome to the most magical hour, morning nap time. We tone down the tunes and switch it to classical music; blankets are brought out; and calming aromatherapy oils are released into the air. Cuddles and rest continue for some, depending on individual dog requirements. 

When it hits lunch hour, some dogs are ready and raring to go again while others need a gentle wake up. Either way, it’s time to start moving again with slower games which may include bubble machines and individual toys. We’ll then look to reassess the playgroups and exercises will commence.

It’s time to get your dog’s brain ticking and put some of their skills to the test, learning new tricks and reinforcing old ones. The learnings will include sitting, recall, spinning and paw shakes. 

For an afternoon pick me up, we introduce new toys and hide delicious treats around the pen, waiting to be discovered. This type of activity will lift your dog’s engagement and keep them focussed with food rewards. 

As pickups start, groups become smaller. We ensure gentle exercise and rest time are maintained during these periods. We will bring your dog out to you when you arrive where you can make your next booking. Make sure to check your email for the report card at the end of the day as well as our Facebook page to see what fun we got up to. Our team will then complete a thorough clean so the place is spotless for tomorrow! 

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