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Diggiddydoggydaycare® is a place where dog parents can let their best friend learn, play, socialise and exercise to their hearts’ content, under our expert care. 

We’ve set the bar high with our quality of care, unbeatable cleanliness, and industry-shaking customer service. Our crew loves what we do, and we look forward to providing exceptional care for your dog! 

Is my dog ready for daycare?

We’ve created an online assessment tool to help you find out!

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Admissions Behavioural Assessment

The moment your dog steps into a diggiddy play area for the first time, they become part of our family too.

The Admission Behavioural Assessment, is your doggy’s ticket to becoming a more relaxed, socialised, and well-rounded dog. The assessment day allows our handlers to get to know your pup, help them make themselves at home and meet new friends at their own pace.

Day In The Life

7:30am: Rise and Shine!

We open at 7:30am every weekday to greet old friends and meet new ones. A friendly staff member will welcome each dog into their playgroup for the day.

9:30am: Let's party!

Exercises with ball games, bubble play and upbeat music release that early morning energy! Staff carefully monitor playgroups to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all dogs. 

NOTE: Intake closes at 10am so our doggies can settle into their groups. 

11:00am: Rest time

Dimmed lighting, restful music and lavender scent herald the beginning of rest time! Cuddles and rest sessions are scheduled depending on the requirements of the dogs. 

12:00pm: Wakey Wakey!

Recharged after a nap, the pups are gently awoken with slower games like walkies, bubble time, find the handler. Working at their own pace, dogs enjoy training games including rewards for good behaviour. 

1:30pm: Pump it up!

Play groups are reassessed and exercises commence. Groups may be rotated to ensure maximum interaction and free play continues. Excitement fills the room when toys often get introduced and beds are made into forts.

3:30pm: Daily challenges!

Spot training session and brain games commence. Dogs can put their skills to the test by sitting for treats, showing off their tricks and responding to name calls. 

4:00pm: Some sweet goodbyes

As pickups begin, groups become smaller and some tears are shed. Gentle exercise and rest time maintained during these periods. This is also a chance for handlers to do a quick tidy up of coats that were dirtied during play.

6:30pm: Good night!

So ends another day at diggiddy. As the last pup goes home tired and happy, it’s cleanup time for the crew. We make the place spotless for the next day, and email reports to every owner so they know what their best mate has been up to. 

Your trust is paramount to us. We pride ourselves on proactive play management, incident de-escalation, and transparent communication within our team, and with you at all times. 

An incident is any event involving unwarranted behaviour between two or more dogs. This includes a dog chewing another dog’s fur, taking a snap at another dog, or making contact with another dog. 

We take all incidents seriously, and have implemented strong review and reporting structures to create thorough, accurate, and unbiased reports. We are continually educating and upskilling our staff to take appropriate measures to keep everyone safe. You can be sure your dog is in safe hands whenever they diggiddydoggydaycare – safety is what we know and do best. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did we miss something? Please email us!

What days are you open?

We are open Mondays to Fridays – from 7:00am to 6:00pm.
South Melbourne 7:30am – 6:30pm. 

When can I drop my dog off?

Your dog’s first visit includes the Admission Behavioural Assessment, which is scheduled to commence at 7:30am, 8:00am, or 8:30am. 

After your dog completes their assessment day, you can drop them off anytime between 7:30am and 10am. Reservations are essential. 

How long does the Admission Behavioural Assessment take?

The formal part of the assessment typically takes no longer than half an hour, and we continue to closely observe our new packmate throughout the day. 

On the first day, we recommend collecting your dog a little early (sometime prior to 5pm if possible). After a big day of new sights, smells and plays, they will be pooped and ready for dinner and a sleep! 

What are your desexing and vaccination requirements?

All puppies and dogs must have current C5 immunisations (these require annual boosters), and must be desexed if they are over 6 months of age. 

Do I need to commit to a pass or membership?

Nope, we offer casual rates in addition to our visit passes and membership options.

Do dogs get separated based on breed?

We have 4 play areas, and generally use 2-3 of them every day, reserving the 4th area for ABAs. We split play groups by temperament and size. Breed doesn’t always factor into group selection, because all dogs are unique and have different needs. 

Can I book my dog in every day?

All dogs’ suitability is assessed on a case-by-case basis but generally we don’t recommend consecutive days. It’s important for all our pups to be appropriately rested to ensure they don’t become over-tired and over-stimulated. But once we’ve met your doggy, we will be happy to provide tailored advice! 

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