Why should my dogs go to daycare?

Imagine staring blankly at 4 walls with nobody to talk to. Dogs needs mental, physical, and social stimulation just like humans. At daycare, they get to exercise, chat about the weekly gossip, and let out some energy. They also get love and affection from the other dogs and our crew all day, so they go home with a big grin on their faces.

Can I leave my dogs overnight?

Our regular daycare operating hours are 7:30am to 6:30pm Monday-Friday. We provide a top-notch daycare experience for your dog during this time. 

Some of our trusted staff offer overnight care in their homes, and you can enquire at reception for further information. 

Can I see the centre before booking my dog in?

Sure thing! We invite and encourage all Parents of #dogsofdiggiddy to come and visit before entrusting us with your best friend. Please come between 10am and 4pm to avoid our busy hours. This is so we can dedicate our care and attention to the pups. You can also view the centre via this 3D tour!

I have a small dog. Is he/she safe at diggiddydoggydaycare?

Absolutely! Our play groups are divided according to energy, size, temperament and play styles ensuring that each dog only associate with suitable playmates. We believe all dogs be mentored to overcome fears and anxieties.. There are no divisions between sizes out in the real world, so there may be various sized dogs in the same area. All groups have constant supervision, to maximize safety. The dogs are always supervised with at least 1 crew member in every area at all times.

Will you feed my dog?

We use a variety of treat options depending on the attending dogs and any dietary limitations. Due to the energetic nature of their play and activities, we do not feed dogs full meals unless on request, but instead reward good behaviour and training success with small amounts of treats. We also recommend that the doggies eat breakfast no later than 45 minutes prior to car travel and ensure they are calm when served dinner after daycare to ensure good digestion.

What does my dog have to play with?

We use a great range of Aussie Dog Products and Rogz durable toys. These products are not only stimulating for your canine, but also completely washable, non-toxic, hard wearing and safe for all dogs. We have balls, bones, tug toys, agility and much more… And us of course, what more could a dog want?

Can I bring my dogs’ favourite toys, blanket, bed, etc?

We ask that all belongings of the dog are left at home. Not only is this due to hygienic purposes, we must maintain equality with all dogs within the centre and do not accept any outside influences that may increase the risk of a dog being protective of his/her belongings.

What happens if a dog becomes dominating or aggressive?

Our first priority is the safety of all our dogs, so we have designed a ‘time-out’ area so dogs can be removed from the play ground instantly if any issue of this ever happens and also if a doggy is at risk of becoming over tired and requires rest.

Will my dog's toilet habits at home change?

No – dogs learn by association, and they make associations whenever they are awake and interacting with their environment. The daycare environment is far different to being in their home environment. Although we do our utmost to make the centre as homely and comfortable as possible; the smells, interaction and associating the stimulus of the centre with daycare only is the key to ensuring toileting and other training is retained at home.

Is the management and staff experienced in animal handling and patient at all times?

We have a highly qualified crew here at diggiddydoggydaycare, all of which are experienced in animal handling, including all managers who are certified in Human & Canine First Aid.  To work within the diggiddydoggydaycare environment all employees must possess energy, a passion for animals and above all patience. We have a very high expectation of all of our crew to ensure you have 100% confidence that your dog is with the best in the industry.

Why are there no plush furnishings?

Here at diggiddydoggydaycare we pride ourselves on up keeping a clean, hygienic environment at all times. We do our utmost to provide comfortable bedding within a cosy environment for our beloved clients.

Is my dog playing on concrete?

The centre has shock resistant epoxy flooring installed throughout all play areas. This not only greatly reduces the risk of injury, it also provides a more comfortable environment for our doggy clients. Reception has been polished and has been a major back saver for our clients as they get dragged through the door in the morning.

Are the dogs taken for walks during the day?

The centre provides an scheduled and routine exercise program for each of the dogs throughout the day. A day of daycare for any dog is a huge day of exercise both their body and their mind. This can be quite tiring and must be highly managed to ensure every dog’s energy is conserved and controlled to meet each dog’s individual requirements.

If you were able to spend 8 hours at the park with your dog, you can imagine how exhausted they would be! The main aim of the centre is to encourage socialisation and interaction within a safe indoor park environment which includes what we believe to be a very important aspect; learning how to relax and remain calm around other dogs.

What if I still have questions?

Contact the diggiddydoggydaycare crew at any time. Our business hours are Monday to Friday 7.30am-6.30pm or leave us a message after hours. We’d be more than happy to help you, and want everyone to understand why diggiddydoggydaycare truly is the best environment for your dog!

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