The health, safety and wellbeing of our clientele and staff are our No.1 priority.
All diggiddy clients must satisfy minimum requirements to be granted membership at the centre: C5 Vaccination Certificate, treated within the last 12 months. The C5 includes vaccine of the dangerous strains of canine cough (also known as “kennel cough”). They MUST have a C5 level vaccination in order to safely socialise with other dogs (this includes walks, park play, beach, visiting friends, not just only contracted from kennels). Just like kids, they can pass germs onto one another in play.

  • Sterilisation Certificate if over the age of 6 months
  • Heartworm (3 monthly tablet or 12 monthly injection),
  • Intestinal worms (3 or 1 monthly tablet), and
  • Flea treatments (monthly tablet or liquid)
  • Registration with local council


We’re part of the TEAM

“diggiddydoggydaycare  takes a holistic approach when assessing relationships between owners and dogs and educates owners on  any imbalances, in turn creating a standard for the human and the dog to live a more balanced lifestyle together.” Jeanette Farren – Director

“The relationship between a human and a dog is not just about training and commands, it is a holistic approach to the total relationship between an individual human and their best mate.” Nicole Farren – Director

diggiddydoggydaycare’s  methods are based on dogs natural pack instincts, and understanding that your dog is fundamentally a social pack animal that seeks decent leadership. All dogs seek a leader, and diggiddydoggydaycare®’s  relationship, training and behaviour modification within a daycare environment is built around this philosophy.

Our holistic approach to group exercise, meets your dog’s core needs for a stable, structured pack environment, while doing what really motivates him/her – play!
We also ensure that each dog gets the personal and individualised attention that he/she deserves.

diggiddydoggydaycare staff members are trained with the emphasis on calm-assertive, holistic directional methodology.

diggiddydoggydaycare educates clients to calmly, assertively, and consistently give their dogs clear rules, boundaries, and restrictions to establish themselves as assertive family pack leaders  and to help correct and control unwanted behaviour.

diggiddydoggydaycare is not a quick fix for humans and their dogs. However diggiddydoggydaycare works in conjunction with owners as a collaborative TEAM and helps them to understand that though daycare may change some negative behaviours in a relatively short period of time, none of those changes will remain consistent unless the owner works continually with his or her dog every day to keep unwanted behaviours from returning.