Day In The Life 1
Hi, we are the #dogsofdiggiddy!

Wow, we got a dedicated  page just for us, so cool! These photos are taken by the diggiddy crew to show our parents what every day life is like at diggiddy.

This is where I get play with toys, take well earned naps, and earn some treats. It’s exciting to meet new dogs every day, but it’s also really fulfilling to build lifelong friendships along the way.

The best thing about being at diggiddy is that I have heaps of playmates so I never get bored. And nobody dogscriminates either, everyone is so welcoming! There’s always something to do, especially when they bring out the bubble machine! On some days there’s tug-o-war battles, and on other days the diggiddy crew makes epic forts for us to climb and hide in.

The diggiddy crew knows all of our personality traits and requirements, and they understand that we all have certain preferences and needs. Some doggo friends sometimes needs medication midday, and the diggiddy crew makes sure they are properly administered. Even if we feel unwell, we know the diggiddy crew will call our parents to let them know. It’s nice to know we’re always cared for here. They even let us make silly faces for the camera!

Anyway, we have to get back to playing now. These photos are updated everyday and uploaded to the Parents of #dogsofdiggiddy Facebook Page so they can see how much fun we’re having. Apparently they are stuck inside this thing called ‘the office’ which we simply don’t understand, but it sounds like they’d rather be here.

That’s all for now, enjoy!
– The #dogsofdiggiddy